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The black beauty industry is 100% driven by black women like you and me. We are it’s source, it’s inspiration, it’s customer…but not it’s owners. How might we reap the benefits of ownership in a market we keep thriving?

In a day where products are available in many channels, retail stores live and die by the experience they deliver. How might we deliver a superior experience to what’s available today?

We have the opportunity to reimagine the black beauty market in a way that will improve the retail, product, and business experiences. Together we can do something that’s never been done in the industry. We are innovative enough, smart enough, capable enough, and resourced enough to do it.

Because at our core, we know that we should materially benefit from a market that’s uniquely ours, created at the intersection of our identity and self-expression. For us – this is personal.

We have a solid idea of WHAT we will do to bring about change in this space. It’s bold, audacious, and absolutely doable.

We’re looking for black women who are interested in being part of this project to join our community. Whether you’re an influencer, a store owner, product brand, cosmetic chemist, personal care product manufacturing, hair stylist, or a consumer who buys hair care and beauty products – we welcome you to share your input on this project.

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My first goal is to get 100 women to join me on this project. When that goal is reached, I will share the details about WHAT the concept is either on a Zoom call or in a video. After that’s done, we will identify some volunteer project leads with experience in key areas and create workstreams to build out the plan for each of the functional areas of the business. If you have a particular set of skills – retail operations, fulfillment & logistics, merchandising, franchise management, product sourcing – and you’re interested in volunteering for this project, send me an email.