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  • Launch a chain of beauty supply stores under a single brand name (actual name to be determined)
  • The stores will be franchises with local ownership that has connections in that community
  • Launch in the Top 25 metropolitan areas (MSAs) by black population
  • Our Day 1 launch goal is to have 25 stores to give us more buying power than a single store owner could get
  • Centralized warehousing and distribution
  • An online store people who don’t live near a physical store
  • The future is that this chain could grow to over a hundred stores as larger cities can support multiple stores
  • The ‘Chick-Fil-A’ of beauty supply stores providing excellent customer service to everyone who enters our doors. Period.
  • Community of beauty + hair + style influencers who will grow with us from startup to launch and beyond

The local beauty supply store is definitely not going to win any awards at the

We have the opportunity to reimagine the black beauty market in a way that will improve the retail, product, and business experiences. Together we can do something that’s never been done in the industry. We are innovative enough, smart enough, capable enough, and resourced enough to do it.

Because at our core, we know that we should materially benefit from a market that’s uniquely ours, created at the intersection of our identity and self-expression. For us – this is personal.

Thank You!