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A community designed to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, AND SUPPORT Christian women called to the ministry of business. I will do this by providing information, best practices, industry insight, tools & templates, and other content to help you start and move forward in your business journey.

Helping you do business online is a key focus area for CGL as having an online presence is mandatory in today’s business environment whether you’re a retail store or a service-based business. E-commerce or selling online is a major focus area.

Business as Mission & Ministry | I believe a thriving, faith-based business community has the ability to exponentially increase the positive impact the Christian community can have in the world. My goal with CGL is to help as many people as possible explore entrepreneurship and build businesses that can improve the lives of people, communities, and the world – all for the Glory of God.

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Thanks for stopping by! Be Blessed & In Business!