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Review of the Make More Offers Challenge by Myron Golden

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Last week I joined the ‘Make More Offers Challenge’ by Myron Golden as the urging of a friend of mine whose also an entrepreneur. For the last 10+ years we’ve shared our business dreams, plans, and served as a sounding board for each other. We’re both out here in these entrepreneurial streets together so we get each other.

She said “Tonya, before you do anything else – you need to take Myron’s Challenge!” I took her advice and…WOW!

On the surface the challenge is about making more offers to your target audience and the best ways to do that in the modern digital marketing era. But beneath the surface the deeper mindset issues that impact our success are addressed and new ways of thinking are delivered.

Myron delivers live webinars conducted on Zoom and each challenge has its own companion Facebook Group where content is shared, questions are asked, and connections are made with business owners around the world.

In my group there were people from ALL walks of life with a variety of business types. There were people who didn’t have a business yet and others who were making $100K a month. My take is that the MMOC works best if you do have an existing business or a solid business idea that you need to find customers form.

Myron is a retired pastor. While the challenge has value for everyone, it was definitely valuable to me as a person who has a calling from God to the business realm. It was a sorta kick-in-the-pants call to take my business calling seriously, put in the work to be really good at it, and most importantly have the right mindset to be successful. Being around soo many business people who had million-dollar businesses was very motivating for me. I ended the week with more accountability partners to help me stay focused and share experiences with.

I’ve decided I’ll be taking the challenge again as I implement my lead magnets and see their impact on my funnels.

If you’re interested in taking the class, below is my affiliate link to register for the next challenge:

Make More Offers Challenge by Myron Golden

If you do decide to take it, send me an email letting me know and I’ll give you my free guide to Designing Graphics for Lead Magnets.

Until next time….

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