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You Can Build It…But They Ain’t Coming

Yes those were the glory days of e-commerce for small, independent brands. I’m talking about way back in 2010 or so when all you had to do to launch an online brand was to post a few product photos on Etsy and voila – you had a successful business.

Fast forward almost ten years and the number of online brands vying for your customer’s attention has multiplied exponentially. From other small independents to big brands and increasingly global brands headquartered overseas and competing with you to get found and be seen.

Smart Start Master Class

I’ve spent the last year researching just how the big guys like Away, Harry’s, Glossier, and Bonobos were able to go from none of us having heard of them to becoming a major concern in a relatively short period of time. My gut told me that that there were some strategies that could be tweaked for small brand startups with limited time and even more limited cash.

The result is what I’m calling “Build A Brand 2020” – a small group masterclass for entrepreneurs looking to launch a new consumer goods brand & online store next year. The course is limited to FIVE students so I can give 1/1 support to each student. We will meet once a week for 2 to 3 hours in person with students having homework in between sessions. At the end of the course each brand owner will have a actionable launch plan for their business. Yay You!

The course is $500 per student and includes all materials. Early Bird Registration is going on now and those who register by Dec 31st can save $100.

To apply for a spot use the form below:

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